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1. The language of the players and the members of the STAFF community brilliantsmetin2:

• It is not encouraged to use an obscene language, swearing to someone else
Player, texts with a racist tendency, or abbreviations thereof.
Juggling / slander will be punished according to the severity of the situation
With mute or ban for an indefinite period. Do not respond with the same
Currency for jail / swearing, you risk being penalized. Contact
Immediately a STAFF member who can solve the conflict.
In the case of swearing that is not directed to a player, (lag,
Mouse, having lost a duel, etc.), the recommendation is to
abstain. Depending on the "words" used, they will apply or not
This decision is at GM's attitude.

• Insults to players are penalized as follows:

- First deviation: Depending on severity
- Second deviation: moves for a prolonged period.
- Third offense: Mute for an indefinite period.
- Fourth offense: ban 3 days
- If the player continues the penalties are between the 7-day ban and the permanent ban.
The prints must be able to see the whole discussion, and not be the language of the defendant.
Insults can only be claimed by the insulted player.

• Swears to the server or team (not directed to a GM
Namely) is penalized by severity (kick / mute / ban).

• The vulgar / obscene names that contain swearing or not are prohibited
insults. Also, names that advertise others are forbidden
Servers or sites. Any account with a character with such a nickname
Will receive a permanent ban.

• Stores, guilds, groups or anything you can give a name to must not be
Vulgar / offensive / racist, etc.

2. Behavior towards STAFF members

• Inappropriate behavior towards STAFF members (here
Including shit, jokes shuffled, event disturbance, refusal
To justify inmate money, refusal to show a item, refusal to
Teach him, use a name of the admin as a horse name or whatever
Something else, etc.) will be punished with kick / mute / ban, depending on
The decision of that admin.
• In discussions with a member of the STAFF, please do NOT use the following: "ba, ma,
Wa, we, fa, fa, bro, man, boss, brother "or extensions of these calls. You can simply address" GM "or GM's name.
• A STAFF member will not give you items,
Yang or anything else unless you win an event. (Eg: OX;
search; fishing; etc.)
• A GM may temporarily or permanently ban you
And can take any decision it takes to maintain a smooth running of the game and chat.
• Your account on the brilliantsmetin2 server can be banned if you do not obey the guidelines or the requirements of an STAFF member.

3. Knowledge of Admin

• Sanction for people who give themselves as "knowledge" of
The administrators on BrilliantsMetin2 are punished with mute and / or kick.
• Threatening other players with a ban or claiming to be Admini is punishable with money.
• The falsification of evidence is punished with mute, in extreme cases the ban can be reached.
• Unjustified accusations against administrators in the BrilliantsMetin2 community,
It is punished with mutations, in extreme cases one can get banned on one

4. Hack software

• Those who are caught using hacking applications are banning.
• Bugs are not allowed to be exploited! With or without programs
Helping (hacks) exploiting a bug is ILEGALA! Bug abuse will
Punish with mute / ban! If you find a bug, report it to our forum: or a STAFF member on the game.
• Any attempt to break a game account will result in permanent ban / ban
IP, on all accounts used and future accounts created on
Brilliantsmetin2 server! Complicity or non-disclosure of such
Information is punished the same!

5. Insulting

• When making a trade requiring more than one trade, contact urgently
A STAFF member to be present during the trade, in case
Which none is online, make a video with Fraps or Hypercam.
In the event that the other player is in some way or another, go up
The video on youtube and post it on the forum.
In the worst case, the defendant will receive a permanent ban on all accounts, [IP].
Our advice is to wait until a STAFF member enters. If a member
Of the STAFF is on the face, that trade mark will definitely be one.
• If you stole an item, you are forced to surrender it
To [Owner] Alex if you refuse to hand over the item / stolen items, you will receive the BAN as soon as possible!

6. Neglect of items between servers and trading of accounts

• You are not allowed to sell accounts / items for money.

• You are allowed to change items between metin servers. Ex: We are here on another server. / Let's list another server on items here. (Without advertising)

"Let's put here on metin2ro"
The first time the player will be warned after which, if the player continues with the commercial, you will get mute. If the player continues
To do so after the expiration of the mute has received the ban.

7. Arena of war and field war (war)

• The run in war is forbidden (a normal war can not exceed 60 minutes)
• It is forbidden during the war to accept members or remove them from the guild
• It is forbidden to use a horse or mount to war
• It is forbidden to sleep in the war (to stay on foot longer than admitted, that is, 30 seconds)
• If the war is in the field, the expectation / state in the circle is forbidden
• The presence of the guild chief is war!
The sanction for the six examples is the following depending on the seriousness of the act:
- 2-hour block chat warning of the player who committed the crime.
-A 4-hour block chat warning of the guild leader and despair
guild. (If the guild leader is the one who commits
Offense under 2, 4 or 5).
- In extreme cases, ban can be reached up to 3 days.
* If a member of the STAFF is not online, warn the player
Respectively / those players, please make a video of at least 120
For seconds with Fraps or Hypercam, post it on youtube, then report it to the forum.

8. Account security

• We are not responsible for the stolen money, the "broken" accounts alone
Your responsibility in virtual life is to keep it
The confidentiality of your account, your password and the user.
• Sharing this data with someone else results in loss of credibility
Reporting in case of loss of account or items on
That account.
* The brilliantsmetin2 team will NEVER ask you for your login (name, password).

9. Fraud attempts

It is forbidden to copy the names of already existing characters, and create
Of new characters with this name, for the attempted fraud / theft.
Simply creating these characters will be punished with BAN.
Cloned names you can report on the forum.
However, BrilliantsMetin2 does NOT assume responsibility for lost items
By this method of fraud. If you choose to place objects on a clone
(Consciously or not), you will do so on your own responsibility.
Examples of clones:
Real name Cloned name
[Owner] Alex | Owner | Alex
[GA] Black | GA | Black

10. Regulation Pletos & Virgin

• It is forbidden that the "x player" of the red kingdom go and beat the boss from the blue or yellow kingdom.
• It is forbidden to use FREE mode on the boss.

For those who do not respect what I have written above, the sanctions will be the following:
• The player who knocks 'Pletos & Virgin' from another kingdom for 3 days
• The player who gives himself free at 'Pletos & Virgin'-Ban for 3 days

12. Other rules

• The use of globes in pvp is strictly forbidden.
• Using them leads to account billing between 1 and 3 hours.
• At OX, it is not allowed to activate a shop (shop), call horse, state on horse / mount.
• Those who ruin an event (eg pvm) will get kick / mute.
• Players entering maps that are inappropriate to their level (illegal) are sanctioned as follows:
- First offense: level 75
- Second deviation: Level 75 + 3 days ban
- Third offense: ban for a non-specified period.
• Those who are going to abuse from now before the character protection until
In level 15, they will kick / mute, with 3 deviations, will receive a ban 3
- Attention! The money will be issued on the large account / large accounts of those who create the characters!
• In any other situation not listed here, BrilliantsMetin2's administrators always have the last word.
• Amendments to the Regulation do not apply retroactively. Bans already
Activated does not change with the change of regulation. accounts
Already blocked will not be unlocked because a particular offense is
Now otherwise punished.

• The reboot is only given in map1, those who rebirth in the 110-120 maps will get the money!

Rules are rules for everyone when someone mistakes is sanctioned!
The Rules can support changes at any time, without prior recourse to members of the BrilliantsMetin2 community
Not knowing BrilliantsMetin2, NOT absolving blame / misdemeanor.
The BrilliantsMetin2 team will love you for the game and be fair to each other!


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