Winchester wedding sex toys

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Winchester wedding sex toys

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Vanesa Romero: points to the leather jacket |
Vanesa Romero: points to the leather jacket. Today the actress and model, Vanesa Romero, recognizes us in her blog “Reflections of a blonde” who needs to take a break as she is embarked on several projects, such as the filming of a movie next week, the design of her collection of bracelets and necklaces and some other project that will progress, so she does not have time for herself. But for what he does take a while is to show us his looks, always simple but fashionable and betting on Spanish firms such as Zara, which is again chosen for this style.
Vanesa Romero is the queen of simple looks but with a personal touch that always make her look fashionable, like the one she shows us in her magazine blog Hello! “Reflections of a blonde” where she also tells us that she needs a little respite since she is embarked on thousands of projects, such as filming of films, jewelry design and others that she will tell us, and she recognizes that she needs time for herself.
For what he always has a moment is to show us his styles, which are marked by an informal and rocky air, like the one we are going to review today. Also, just like a few days ago, you can copy it perfectly because all the clothes are from Zara.
The leather jacket has become a staple in the closet of most celebrities this fall and Vanesa Romero has already worn it on previous occasions to go shopping in Madrid. This time it is a different model, since it has the gold zippers as well as the studs that it carries on the cuffs of the sleeves.
Under this jacket he wears a basic gray t-shirt, which is a garment that can not be missing in your closet, because the plain shirts will get you out of many problems when it comes to combining clothes, look but the look of Sara Carbonero with his pants metallic that combined perfectly with a black.
Continuing with Vanesa Romero, continues to put the rock touch to her look with tight leggings and leather finish, which fit perfectly with the rest of the look worn by the actress and also seem most comfortable without zippers or buttons.
Finally, the star complement of the styles of the actress are the hats, since in previous occasions she has worn a plain and black one of H&M but today she chooses another one of Zara that has a chain around and that we have already seen previously in a look from Paula EchevarrГ­a.
So you know, if you like Vanesa Romero's way of dressing you can't miss a black leather jacket in your closet. Do you already have one?

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